• Looking at a clinic from an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like everything works out perfectly all the time. Everyone is doing their job correctly, and everyone is moving forward in unison providing a great service to patients. However, running a clinic is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. 


    Managing a clinic is all about balancing a multitude of different things at once. From phone calls for the front desk, to rescheduling patients and even managing insurance plans and unique client requests / needs. All of these add up, and yet you still provide an amazing clinical experience for your clients. 


    However, here at XCare we understand that providing your employees and overall clinic with options to suit your specific needs can not only increase productivity and organization, but also allow you to do what you do best; helping your patients. 


    XCare allows each individual to have their own tailored experience; whether that be managing your clients, communicating with them, rescheduling and more; but also allows for better commerodary amongst everyone. Being able to share, and manage other individuals schedules to ensure precise time management and preparation is met. 


    In addition, XCare allows your patients to have more control when it comes to scheduling an appointment, and getting in front of a professional at your clinic faster. With XCares pre-screening capabilities, and automated payment systems, your clients no longer have to wait any longer. At their own pace and preference, patients can provide you the information you need, and can allot what time they would like to come in at their discretion. Automatic updates will remind you and them when their appointment will be. 


    XCare provides both parties the confidence in knowing we have you covered. Automation creates a streamlined experience for everyone. 


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Clinic Management Made Simple

With XCare you can automate many processes within your clinic to save time and create a more effective and seamless experience for all of your patients. XCare takes care of the details so you can focus on the service.

XCare allows dental practices to:

Showcase your practice to new interested patients in your area

Easily attain more risk-free new patient bookings

Save time & money

Effectively manage patient history and communication

Grow and automate your online ratings and reviews

Start welcoming your patients back

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