Patient Management

Patient Management

What makes it so great?

The schedule of a clinic can be hectic and difficult to manageespecially with patients constantly asking for appointment time changes, or outright cancellations. With XCare, we make managing simple. 

Our system seamlessly integrates with your patient management system to make sure all information, from current patient appointments, to specific details about each patient, are all there and ready to go. With XCare, everything is in one platform allowing you to make the patient experience simpler and more effective.  

XCare will sync with your current and upcoming appointment data to send automated pre-screenings and appointment reminders, ensuring your patients are always up to date.  

Utilizing what XCare has to offer means it gives your employees more time to focus on your craft, while our system handles the nitty gritty.  

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Clinic Management Made Simple

With XCare you can automate many processes within your clinic to save time and create a more effective and seamless experience for all of your patients. XCare takes care of the details so you can focus on the service.

XCare allows dental practices to:

Showcase your practice to new interested patients in your area

Easily attain more risk-free new patient bookings

Save time & money

Effectively manage patient history and communication

Grow and automate your online ratings and reviews

Start welcoming your patients back

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