Virtual Check ins: Why it benefits your clinic.

Regardless of what type of clinic you run, it is important to ensure that your patients not only have the best experience possible but also feel safe. One significant change that your clinic should consider is opting into a virtual checkin system, but why? What are the benefits, and how can you take advantage of this? 

Improving The Overall Experience For Your Patients 

Without a virtual check-in system, a patient is forced to wait in the lobby until their treatment room is ready. Making this process virtual allows patients to stay comfortably in their cars and walk right into their treatment room once it is prepared for them. This helps to provide treatment for patients in a more time efficient manner as well as helping to decrease the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  


How Does Our Virtual Check-In Feature Work?  

After a patient’s appointment booking has been confirmed and they have completed their pre-screening, the virtual check-in feature will be enabled within their XCare mobile app. Upon arriving on the day of their appointment, XCare creates a virtual parking lot for patients to wait within. They simply open their app, click on the check-in button and you as the clinic will be automatically notified. Once the treatment room is prepared, you can send a message directly to the patient in real time to let them know they can safely enter the practice. Within a couple simple steps, patients feel more comfortable and safe.  


Simplifying Patient Management  

Efficiency is a main priority when it comes to any business and communication is key. When your staff is juggling a variety of different tasks it is essential that everyone is on the same page working towards a common goal. Currently, staff members are dealing with patient records, phone calls, paperwork, and all other additional tasks required for the patient. Staff members are constantly stopping and starting tasks, and dealing with interruptions that go along with running a busy clinic in general.  


With a full patient management system that includes features like a virtual checkin systemyour staff will have more time to ensure patients are receiving stellar service, as well as have the confidence knowing that the system has everything covered for them no matter how busy they are or what issues they are contending with. The admins of the dashboard will receive notifications in real time to let them know about any new appointments, pre-screenings or check-ins, ensuring a seamless appointment and check-in process. This makes room for better, friendlier customer service. 

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