Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

What makes it so great?

With XCares extensive contactless payment system, our technology is created to make payments a whole lot easier for you, and your patients. 

Contactless payments, as the name suggests, is a method in which XCare offers the ability for your patients to make payments to your clinic through the application itself, rather than in person. Contactless payments is not only easier for both parties, but more secure as a whole. Removing the need for potential lines, transactions occur quicker than ever, with the flexibility to pay through any device your client has with the credit card of their choice. The best part is, all of the treatment payment information is automatically synced with your patient management system, saving you time when it comes to billing.  

Additionally, clinics can easily see within your XCare dashboard what procedure has been done to which patient, as well as the money that is owed to you and if the transaction itself has gone through. Coupled with our virtual check-in and live chat feature, connecting with patients has been streamlined, and made easier than ever. 

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Clinic Management Made Simple

With XCare you can automate many processes within your clinic to save time and create a more effective and seamless experience for all of your patients. XCare takes care of the details so you can focus on the service.

XCare allows dental practices to:

Showcase your practice to new interested patients in your area

Easily attain more risk-free new patient bookings

Save time & money

Effectively manage patient history and communication

Grow and automate your online ratings and reviews

Start welcoming your patients back

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