In order to ensure that your clinic provides the best possible service ensuring your clients are happy and consistently coming back, we need to understand what patients are looking for from their healthcare providers.  


Barrier to entry can be the determining factor when it comes to a patient deciding which clinic to go with. A patient’s clinical experience does not only take place within the walls of the clinic itself, but also before and after their appointment. 


With XCare we provide an easytouse booking and communication system that allows patients to take control of what they want, when they want it. For example, many times if a client has a complex procedure done, they may leave not having any questions immediately after, but later down the line some may come to mind. XCare allows these patients to communicate directly with their designated specialist, to ensure they get the information they need, in a timely manner. XCare puts more control in the hands of health providers and patients with a quick and simplistic system. 


Beyond this, XCare gives patients the ability to have more control over their appointment bookings, treatment payments and gives them the opportunity to easily rate their experience online.  


That’s the key; giving patients more control. Each individual can tailor his or her experience and relationship they have with their clinic. Creating a better connection and trust with your clinic can ensure patients not only consistently come back, but also recommend you to family and friends. 


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Clinic Management Made Simple

With XCare you can automate many processes within your clinic to save time and create a more effective and seamless experience for all of your patients. XCare takes care of the details so you can focus on the service.

XCare allows dental practices to:

Showcase your practice to new interested patients in your area

Easily attain more risk-free new patient bookings

Save time & money

Effectively manage patient history and communication

Grow and automate your online ratings and reviews

Start welcoming your patients back

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