When it comes to running any business, a patient’s overall experience can range from a mediocre one to a great one. A clinic has a better chance of retaining customers, as well as enticing new ones by providing each individual with a memorable and enjoyable experience. 


Within a clinic, there are many moving parts, and staff members need to accomplish a variety of tasks that must be handled every single day. XCare helps to free your staff up to be more efficient and productive and allow them to focus on customer satisfaction. 


The XCare Solution 

With XCare we take everything your clinic needs to know about its patients and place it within a simple-to-use automated system, so that you can spend more time on what’s important, ensuring all your patients leave happy!. 

XCare seamlessly integrates into your current patient management system, so all patient and appointment details are synced in an automated fashion for you. 


XCare offers the following Core Features: 

  • Automatic appointment syncing and updating 
  • Live chat feature to communicate with patients individually 
  • Digital pre-screenings for all patients and even employees 
  • Virtual check-in  
  • Contactless billing 
  • Online review generation (XCare reviews, Google reviews, etc.) on auto-pilot 
  • Loyalty program to keep patients coming back


XCare Gives You More Control 

XCare provides your patients with the ability to manage their entire experience from the palm of their handBy creating an automated system that operates with AI integration, XCare helps your clinic save time and money while creating a more efficient experience for all of your patients.

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Grow your practice with XCare. Strategically improve your clinic’s brand awareness and increase your new patient base, without having to pay for any marketing expenses. As a dental practice, you only pay once you have treated and confirmed that a patient visited your practice.

XCare allows dental practices to:

Showcase your practice to new interested patients in your area

Easily attain more risk-free new patient bookings

Save time & money

Effectively manage patient history and communication

Grow and automate your online ratings and reviews

Start welcoming your patients back

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